Renovation at Changsha Railway Station 长沙火车站“新装”亮相

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On the evening of November 23, the renovated Changsha Railway Station main building was illuminated with light. It looked attractive.

Since this September, the station’s quality improvement project of the east and west squares and the surroundings started. Up to now, renovation work on the west square central area, including washing and painting of the torch tower, the renovation of the clock tower facade of the main building, and the upgrading of the musical fountain, has almost been completed and entered final construction phase. The main building has also started lighting commissioning recently. The entire upgrading project will be completed next month. (Photo/Tian Chao, Hunan Daily)

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang

11月23日晚,长沙火车站主站楼在灯光的照映下,焕发出了别样的生机与活力。该站自今年9月开始实施东西广场及周边提质改造项目,到目前,包括火炬塔冲洗刷漆、车站主楼钟楼立面改造、音乐喷泉升级改造等在内的西广场中心广场区改造已接近完工,进入扫尾施工阶段,主站楼也于近日开始灯光调试。整个提质改造项目下月将完工。 湖南日报记者 田超 摄