Ecological Rural Roads Built in Countryside 生态优 路景美

[来源:湖南日报社新闻影像中心] 2020-11-24 12:40:23

The photo, taken on November 23, shows vehicles running on a beautiful rural garden-style road in Jiahe County. The garden-style road is lined with such trees as Chinese parasols, dawn redwoods, and acer monoes. Now the tree leaves are turning yellow.

In recent years, the county has innovated its rural road maintenance concept and beautified its rural roads, making rural roads a beautiful scenery in the countryside. (Photo/Huang Chuntao)

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government

Translator: Xiao Juan

11月23日,嘉禾县园艺场,车辆行驶在秀美的乡道上。初冬时节,该县园艺场路段两旁茂密的梧桐、水杉、五角枫等树叶逐渐变黄,美不胜收。近年,嘉禾县创新农村公路养护理念,积极打造生态路景,使农村公路成为美丽乡村的一道亮丽风景线。黄春涛 摄