Thousand-year-old Ginkgo Tree in Xintian County 千年银杏披“金甲”

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11月21日,新田县金陵镇千马坪村,一株千年银杏树犹如身披“黄金甲”,吸引众多游人前来观赏。该树高30余米,树围11.9米,需多人展手相牵方能合抱。近年,当地政府利用千马坪村独特的自然环境、优美景观等特色资源,发展生态旅游扶贫产业,助推群众脱贫增收。刘贵雄 摄

On November 21, visitors admire a thousand-year-old ginkgo tree, which looks like wearing a “golden armor” in Qianmaping Village, Jinling Town, Xintian County.

The tree is more than 30 meters tall and has a circumference of 11.9 meters. It takes several to get their arms around. In recent years, the local government has made use of the unique natural environment and beautiful landscapes of Qianmaping Village to develop eco-tourism-oriented poverty alleviation industries, to help the locals shake off poverty and increase income. (Photo/Liu Guixiong)

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Translator: Yu Jiangjiang