Changsha Wins Digital Transformation Award

[来源:Enjoy Changsha] 2020-11-20 14:36:39

The Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) took place from November 17 to 18 this year in Barcelona, Shanghai, and New York simultaneously, both online and offline. This conference collected excellent smart city cases from thousands of cities around the world. After a professional evaluation process, Changsha won the Digital Transformation Award category. This is Changsha's another international award won this year after being awarded "Excellent Case for EU-China Digital Fight Against COVID-19" in September 2020.

SCEWC is one of the world's most high-level and largest smart city summits. It has been held for 10 sessions so far. It is regarded as an "Oscar" in the smart city sector, with its influence covering thousands of cities around the world.

11月17日至18日,2020全球智慧城市大会采用“线上+线下”的形式,在西班牙巴塞罗那、中国上海、美国纽约三地分会场同步举行。本次大会面向全球数千个城市征集智慧城市优秀案例,经过专业化评定,长沙斩获全球智慧城市 “数字化转型大奖”,这是长沙继2020年9月获评“中欧数字化抗疫优秀案例”之后摘得的又一个国际大奖。