Embracing the World | 走出家门,拥抱世界

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In recent years, Hunan has been speeding up the pace of opening-up and stepping into the international community. We are making more friends with countries all over the world.


Hunan has advantages in opening-up and it has opened ports of railway, highway, aviation and water transportation, possessing 5 national comprehensive bonded areas and 12 designated import ports. 173 Fortune Global 500 companies have invested in Hunan.

湖南对外开放有优势。湖南开通了铁路、公路、航空、水运等口岸,拥有 5 个国家级综保区、12个进口指定口岸;在湘投资的世界500强企业达173家。

The strong advantage of opening-up speeds up Hunan’s going global. Hunan’s the total volume of import and export increased by 291.6 times compared with that in 1978. 134.1 billion US dollars of foreign direct investment has been utilized, involving fields such as manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, resident services, leasing and business. In the past three years, the total volume of import and export of Hunan has increased by 31.6% annually. The rapid development of overseas investment has created nearly 150, 000 overseas jobs.


Till 2019, Hunan has established trade relations with more than 200 countries and regions, set up 90 pairs of international sister cities and planned to build 12 overseas economic and trade cooperation parks. At the same time, Hunan enterprises have set up branches in 92 countries and regions. In 2019, Hunan successfully held two international grand events. The 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition attracted 1,152 construction machinery enterprises at home and abroad. The first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo attracted 53 African countries and more than 10 international organizations and institutions, where 81 contracts were signed and more than 20 billion US dollars were traded.