Fun Time | 欢乐园里找欢乐

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In fact, there are many other interesting places in Hunan province in addition to Changsha.


Xiaowen: Now let’s talk about our beautiful neighboring city —Zhuzhou.


National Hygienic City, countless parks, waterfront scenic belt, music fountain ... All these beautiful sceneries are Zhuzhou’s name cards . Though not as prosperous as Changsha, Zhuzhou is indeed a sweet, quiet and homelike place.

国家级卫生城市、逛不完的公园、沿江风光带、音乐喷泉……优美的风景是株洲的名片。株洲 虽然不及长沙繁华,但确实是一个温馨、宁静、舒适的城市。

What’s more , the fourth world-class theme park—Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure is another special scene of Zhuzhou, which is viewed as Hunan’s Disneyland. It covers an area of 600,000 square meters and is located in Zhuzhou Yunlong Demonstration Zone, which is in the center of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster. Adopting the internationally renowned technologies , the amusement park is characterized by science and fantasy. As the Oriental Dreamland, it can be compared with many world famous outstanding theme parks.

而且,说到株洲,不能不提的就是国际一流的第四代主题公园——株洲方特欢乐世界。那可是湖南的“迪士尼乐园”!它位于株洲云龙示范区,地处长株潭城市群中心,占地 60 万平方米。乐园以科幻体验为特色,采用当今国际知名理念和技术精心打造,可与许多世界优秀主题乐园相媲美,被誉为“东方梦幻乐园”。

Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure consists of tens of thematic areas, most of which are suitable for all ages. So apart from strolling through the city and enjoying scenery, do not forget to enjoy yourself in Fantawild Adventure!


Xiaopeng: And there is another lively neighboring city — Liuyang!


Speaking of Liuyang, the first word that comes to our mind must be fifi reworks.


Where there is joy, there are fireworks, in celebrations, parties, festivals, etc.


The reputation of fireworks in Liuyang is as bright as the fifi reworks’ blooming in sky. Liuyang fireworks rank first in a series of national and international high-level competitions, including Chinese Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award, the Second International Fireworks Competition in Monaco and the Third International Music Fireworks Competition. In 1995, Liuyang was awarded the honorary title of the Land of Fireworks in China. In 2004, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce registered the well-known trademark of Liuyang fireworks. On May 20th, 2006, the production technique of Liuyang fifi reworks was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

浏阳花炮的大名就像它的花炮声一样响亮。在中国工艺美术“百花奖”评选、摩纳哥第二届国际焰火大赛、第三届国际音乐焰火大赛等国内外最高规格的 大赛中,浏阳花炮都名列榜首;1995 年,浏阳市被国家授予“中国烟花之乡”的荣誉称号;2004年,国家工商总局注册“浏阳花炮”驰名商标;2006 5 20 日,浏阳花炮的制作技艺经国务院批准被列入第一批国家级非物质文化遗产名录。

Xiaowen: How fantastic are Liuyang fireworks? If you’ve ever seen fifi rework festival in Liuyang or the summer fifi rework display on the Orange Isle in Changsha, you will be amazed at it. What Liuyang fifi reworks bring to you is a visual feast and a wonderful world of light and color. With a terrififi c bang in the sky, fifi reworks burst into all kinds of shapes — Chinese characters, colorful heart-shaped images, dazzling stars, brilliant waterfalls, and even a brilliant display of landscape.


You may still remember the 29 firework footprints from Yongding Gate to the Bird’s Nest main stadium, the “smiling face” and “2008” patterns that appeared when the fireworks burst as well as the 3-kilometer long waterfall fireworks at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, or he fifi rework fountains at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These are the masterpieces of Liuyang fifi reworks.

你或许还记得 2008 年北京奥运会开幕式中,永定门到鸟巢主体育场上空依次迈进的 29 个特效烟花“脚印”、绚烂烟花绽放时幻化出来的“笑脸”和“2008”图案,还有 3 公里长飞流而下的瀑布焰火;2016 年巴西里约热内卢奥运会开幕式上,漫天绽放的烟花喷泉……这些,都是浏阳花炮的杰作。

Liuyang fireworks are not only a feast of the eyes, but also the outcome of high technology. What were used in the Olympic Games are chip-based fireworks based on the latest scientific and technological achievements. Computer chips inserted into these fireworks could control the height, direction and angles of explosion to display the designed characters and images.

浏阳花炮不仅美,更是高科技的结晶。奥运会上使用的是体现最新科技成果的芯片礼花弹, 即把电脑芯片安装在礼花弹内,通过电脑控制,在规定的高度、方位、朝向爆炸,组成各种特效文字和图案,达到燃放设计效果。

Moreover, in order to make the fireworks that set off over the Bird’s Nest cause pollution at the minimum level, Liuyang firework producers upgraded the formula by utilizing new materials which emit no or few smoke when the fifi reworks blow. They also used air launcher and bore pressure launching techniques to eliminate fireworks smoke, achieving no residue. The fusion of traditional industry and modern technology contributes to the everlasting charm of Liuyang fifi reworks.

而且,为了使在鸟巢上空燃放的焰火达到对环境无污染(或将空气污染控制到最低限度)的目标,浏阳市调整产品配方,选用了燃放不产生烟雾或烟雾量极小的新型烟花原料,使用空气发 射装置和膛压发射技术等,除烟火燃放产生的烟雾,不落残渣。传统产业与现代技术的融合,是浏阳花炮魅力不减的真正原因。

In addition to fireworks, Liuyang is also a city of tranquil beauty. You can enjoy vast forests and flowers in Dawei Mountain forest park, three winding rivers— Liuyang River, Nanchuan River and Laodao River, and explore the exquisite Zhouluo Mountain Resort and Daowu Mountain, as well as the snow-covered ski resort. It is the beauty of integration of motion and stillness that makes Liuyang a “source of happiness” for tourists from all over the world.


Xiaopeng: Hunan’s water is another source of happiness for Hunanese. It enables us to have fun in summer by river-rafting and warm up in winter by taking a bath in hot spring.

小彭:湖南的“水”也是湖南人的快乐源泉。湖南的水有多好玩? 夏季漂流让我们“浪起来”,冬天温泉让我们“暖起来”!

In hot summer, a group of people are driving a raft, crossing lofty mountains and torrential rivers on the brink of getting capsized. This is not a scene in “man vs. wild”, but a real experience of river-afting in Hunan. Here, you can take a raft, drift all the way along the river and play the splashing games, with the sun shining brightly in the verdant mountains. After thrill and excitement, you will definitely feel the relaxation brought by this natural water rollercoaster.

炎炎夏日,崇山峻岭,水流湍急,一行人驾驶一叶小艇,激流勇进,一个不小心就会人仰船 翻……这可不是什么荒野求生的情节,而是真真实实的湖南漂流经历!乘着橡皮艇顺流而下,天高水长,阳光普照,四面青山环绕,漂流其间,一边漂流,一边打水仗,惊险过后,是在这自然形成的“水上过山车”中放飞自我的轻松和快乐!

The mountains and waters of Hunan provide natural conditions for rafting. In Zixing city of Chenzhou, Dongjiang river-rafting, known as China’s top ecological drift, is of 28 kilometers in length, with a drop of 75 meters and a journey of more than 5 hours through 108 rapids. It is especially featured with a unique man-made drift chutes of 336 meters.

多山多水的湖南为漂流提供了天然的条件。在郴州资兴市,有被称为“中国生态第一漂”的东 江漂流,全长28公里,落75米,途经108个险滩,路程达5个多小时,尤以东江漂流过程中有一条世界独一无二的336米人工漂流滑槽为特色。

In Liuyang, the exciting Dawei Mountain river-rafting is of 10 kilometers in length, with the greatest drop of over 300 meters. There are 48 pools, 39 turns and many whirlpools along the way, with no boatmen.


In Zhangjiajie, there is Maoyan River-rafting. Even though the slope is gentle, and the height of water is not far apart, there are many stone walls and many karst caves on both sides of the river, boasting a picturesque scenery. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of One-Hundred-Li Art Gallery while drifting.


In addition, we have Mengdong River in Xiangxi, Xuefeng Mountain in Huaihua, Lianyun Mountain in Yueyang, Zhouluo Waterfall in Liuyang, Xia River in Ningxiang, etc. All of them are the most natural and exciting entertainments in Hunan.


In chilly winter, hot springs in Hunan are the warmest and the most enjoyable places for relaxation. Even in cold winter, the rising vapor and warm spring water can help open up your pores, flush your face, relax the muscles and facilitate the blood circulation, letting you forget the cold winter. We have the Mangshan and Rucheng hot springs in Chenzhou, Huitang hot springs in Ningxiang, Jiangya hot springs in Zhangjiajie and Buermen Yexi hot springs in Jishou... Come and find your winter joy in Hunan hot springs.