Charming Natural Resources | 好山好水好风光

2021-07-21 15:03:01


Besides  Shao  shan , there are many other “good-looking” treasured places in Hunan. In Zhangjiajie, the bizarre mountain peaks are the shooting locations of Hallelujah Mountain in the film Avatar. In Nanshan Meadow, there are chains of green mountains and herd of dairy cows. In the “natural oxygen bar” Dawei Mountain, there are clouds of jade-green bamboos. What’s more, we also have National 5A Scenic Spot — Yuelu Mountain, whose red maple leaves are fl aming all over the mountain.

不仅仅是韶山,湖南还有很多“高颜值”的风水宝地。这里有《阿凡达》中哈利路亚山的取景地——张家界奇峰,有山峦起伏、奶牛如云的南山牧场,有翠竹如云、人称“天然氧吧”的大围山,还有漫山红叶的国家级 5A 级景区岳麓山。

Zhangjiajie 张家界

It is said that Zhangjiajie is a fairyland. Numerous mountain peaks rise straight from the ground and more than 800 streams snake through. Everyone who set foot on it would be stunned by the peculiar sandstone landform and the magnificent karst landscape. The splendid scenery of mountains and rivers here is honored as “the original manuscript of Chinese landscape painting”. No wonder Zhangjiajie has been in the World Natural Heritage List, and became the shooting place of the movie Avatar.

所谓“人间仙境,仙境人间”,说的就是张家界了。无数座山峰拔地而起,八百条溪流蜿蜒其中,来此观光的人们,无不惊叹于这里奇特的砂岩峰林地貌和壮丽的斯特景观。这里壮美的山川景色被誉为“中国山水画的原本”, 难怪会被列入世界自然遗产名录,还成为电影《阿凡达》的取景地。

Mount Lang 崀山

If the land in Hunan is like a natural canvas, then Mount Lang, located in Xinning County, Shaoyang city is a piece of amazing artwork that nature has left. Here, we not only have the most brilliant and magnificent representative of China’s Danxia landform, where the red rock layer is eroded at the most opportune degree by the flowing water, forming the high and low Danxia peaks and the deep valleys, and the various shapes of endless pinnacles and stone pillars. There are also the Six Wonders of Mount Lang that fully embody the magical workmanship of nature— the best alley under heaven which is dubbed the superb scenery of thin strip of sky, the Sea of Whales where whale-like stones are soaked in the sea of clouds, the General Stone standing on the bank of the Fuyi River, the Camel Peak and Chili Peak which are extremely lifelike, and the majestic Tiansheng Bridge. This is why Mount Lang was offi cially included in the World Natural Heritage List in 2010. At the same time, this area is also inhabited by 20 ethnic groups including Han, Yao, Miao, Zhuang, Dong, Hui, etc., creating the unique and diverse customs here. The Yao minority’s sacrificial drum dance of Mount Lang is also Hunan’s intangible cultural heritage. Mount Lang’s natural beauty, humanistic culture and scientifi c research value are all worthy for people to come and appreciate.

如果说湖南的土地是一块天然的画布,那么位于邵阳市新宁县的崀山就是大自然在这块画布上留下的令人惊艳的作品。这里,不仅是中国丹霞地貌最“风华正茂”的代表,红色岩层被流水侵蚀得恰到好处,高低错落的丹霞峰丛与纵横的沟谷交替排列,形态多样的石峰、石柱绵延不绝,更有将大自然鬼斧神工体现得淋漓尽致的“崀山六绝”——号称“世界一线天绝景”的天下第一巷、云海石峰交织的鲸鱼闹海、立于扶夷江畔的将军石,惟妙惟肖的骆驼峰、辣椒峰和气势磅礴的天生桥。这也正是为什么在 2010 年, 崀山正式被收入世界自然遗产名录。同时,崀山还聚居着汉、瑶、苗、 壮、侗、回等 20 个民族,造就了新宁独特多样的风土人情。这里的崀山八峒瑶族跳鼓坛也是湖南省非物质文化遗产。崀山的自然之美、人文之美和科学研究价值,都值得人们前来亲身赏味。

Yuelu Mountain 岳麓山

The Yuelu Mountain is a mustgo place for both local Changsha people and tourists. The famous poet Du Mu in Tang Dynasty once wrote “I stop my cart to watch the maple forest late. The frosted leaves are even redder than the spring fl owers.” Here we can see the Aiwan Pavilion originated from this poem. We can also see the thousand-year-old Yuelu Academy. There is also the Lushan Temple, surrounded with bell sounds and ancient maple trees...Changsha people like climbing the Yuelu Mountain in evenings. In the cool breeze on top of the mountain, the night scene of Changsha is all under their feet. Yuelu Mountain would change into different colors in four seasons, and the most beautiful one is the flaming red maples like red clouds in autumn. Under the mountain lies the university town, where many renowned universities included in Project 985 and Project 211 are in the embrace of this mother mountain, breeding students from generation after generation.

岳麓山是长沙本地人和外地游客的打卡圣地,这里有杜牧笔下“停车坐爱枫林晚,霜叶红于二月花”的爱晚亭,有千年学府岳麓书院,有钟声悠远、古枫参天的麓山寺……平日,长沙人夜登岳麓山,远眺长沙夜景,晚风习习,沁人心脾。一年四季的岳麓山变换着不同的颜色,尤其到了秋天,岳麓山上红枫如火,漫天如云。岳麓山下坐落着长沙大学城,多所知名 985、211 高校就在“母亲山”的怀抱中, 孕育着一代又一代学子。

The Orange Isle 橘子洲头

The poem Changsha — To the Tune of Qinquanchun by Mao Zedong made Orange Isle a household name, in which he wrote “Alone I stand in the autumn cold on the tip of Orange Isle, the XiangRiver flowing northward...” When you stand on the Changsha Xiang River Bridge, the first thing that jumps into your eyes is the stone statue of the young Mao Zedong in the middle of the broad Xiang River. The statue is 32 meters in height, 83 meters in length and 41 meters in width, and it is the most representative landmark on Orange Isle. Apart from the broad river scenery, Orange Isle is also a good place for leisure. Here, you can see giant fountains that can spray water up to 30 floors high, a beach park of Southeast Asian style, and the fi rework show on nights of summer weekends and festivals that you shall never miss.

毛泽东笔下的《沁园春·长沙》中“独立寒秋,湘江北去,橘子洲头……”,让橘子洲头美名远扬。在长沙湘江大桥上极目远眺,宽阔的湘江江心上,首先映入眼帘的就是毛泽东年轻时意气风发的巨型石像,雕像总高度 32米,长83米,宽41米,是橘子洲头最显眼的地标。 橘子洲头不仅有地广江阔的美景,更是休闲放松的好去处。这里有可喷水至 30 层楼高的喷泉、充满东南亚风情的沙滩公园,还有夏季周末和节日夜晚不可错过的焰火大会!

Dehang Grand Canyon 德夯大峡谷

The pronunciation of the word “Dehang” in Chinese is a transliteration from Miao dialect, meaning “beautiful canyon”. It is the scenic spot in Hunan province that integrates natural landscape and Miao culture. If Zhangjiajie is a handsome young man with strong masculinity, then Dehang Canyon is just like a graceful young girl. Trees cover the deep canyons, under which runs the crystal-clear river with many fi sh. Eagles are hovering in the sky with fleecy clouds and waterfalls are pouring from the steep precipices and cliffs. It is a scene of peace, aloof from worldly strife.

“德夯”二字是由苗语音译而来,意为“美丽的峡谷”。这里是一个将自然山水风光和苗族人文风情融为一体的风景区。如果把张家界的地貌比作颇具阳刚之气的“帅锅”(帅哥),那么德夯地区则是婀娜多姿的“妹坨”(少女)。深邃的峡谷与森森的 林木相映成趣,谷中小河清澈,游鱼清晰可见,雄鹰翱翔于蓝天、白云之下,瀑布跌落自悬崖绝壁之间,一派恬静悠然、与世无争的景象。