The Essence of Hunan Cuisine | 湘菜的“韵味”,你真的知道吗?

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The essence of Hunan cuisine is a cultural symbol deeply rooted in Hunanese’s souls. The spicy food choices reflect the personalities of Hunan people — a glutton for hardship and strong spirit. The various Hunan cuisine seasonings—Yuhe vinegar from Changsha,Dragon soy sauce from Xiangtan,chili sauce from Shuangfeng, black pepper oil from Loudi, fermented soybean from Liuyang, garlic from Youxian, Liuyanghe Qu Liquor and ginger from Liling — reflect the boldness, openness and undertakings of people from Hunan.


There were two major migrations in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty.This mixture of migrants stimulated a new characteristic of the people in Hunan. General History of Hunan written by Wu Xinfu described that behind the perseverance, reliability,boldness and endurance of people in Hunan is the mixture of the characteristics of Han majority and minorities like Miao, and the
pioneering spirit of those new migrants. This is also the reason that people in Hunan would be referred to as “mules” or “Manzi” (wild and vigorous man). The characteristics of people and culture coincide with the essence of chili. Thus, here we have not only spicy chili, but also “spicy girls (Hunan girls)”


Hunan cuisine is not only famous for its hot taste, but also its combination of sweet eastern dishes, light southern dishes, spicy western dishes and salty northern dishes in China. Hunan cuisine shares innovation and is always progressive. In these dishes, you can easily tell the elements of spicy Sichuan cuisine, bold Shandong cuisine, tender Huaiyang cuisine and also sweet Canton cuisine. Various tastes have built up the diverse appetite and colorful culture of Hunan. The energy behind every sector in Hunan also counts on the progressive and pioneer-like quality
of people in Hunan.

锐意进取、勤劳吃苦、大胆创新的湖南精神不仅让湘菜推陈出新,更引领粮食产业发展,成为“食之科技”发展的领头羊。近十多年来,湖南杂交水稻研究中心在超级杂交稻研究方面取得重大进展,袁隆平领衔下的杂交水稻创新团队于 2000 年、2004 年、2012 年、2014 年分别实现了亩产700 公斤、800 公斤、900 公斤、1000 公斤的中国超级稻育种第一期、第二期、第三期、第四期目标。2019 年 10 月 21 日 至 22 日 , 第三代杂交水稻在湖南省衡阳市衡南县清竹村以首次公开测产方式全面亮相。杂交水稻种植除在国内发展迅速外,越南、印度、菲律宾和美国也在大面积生产应用, 并取得了显著的增产效果。“心忧天下,敢为人先”,这也是湘食更为深刻绵长的“韵味”。

The Hunan spirits of enterprising, hard-working and innovation not only enable Hunan cuisine to bring the new from the old, but also lead the development of the grain industry and become the leader in the development of food science and technology. In recent ten years,Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center has made significant progress in super hybrid rice research. Yuan Long ping and his team have won the great achievements in their researches. In 2000, 2004, 2012 and 2014, the targets from the first phase to the fourth phase of Chinese super rice breeding with yield per mu of 700 kg, 800 kg, 900 kg and 1,000 kg respectively were achieved. From October 21st to October 22nd, 2019, the third generation of hybrid rice has released its first test in Qingzhu village, Hengnan county in Hengyang city, Hunan province.Besides domestic development,this technology has been vastly applied in Vietnam, India, the Philippines and the United States and achieved remarkable results.“Caring about the world, daring to become a pioneer” is the everlasting charming essence of Hunan cuisine.