More than Spicy! 不止于辣!

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Spiciness is the characteristic of Hunan cuisine, but it is definitely not the only one. There are also many non-spicy dishes that friends from all over the world may fall in love with.

Main Course 主食



Rice Noodles

If you go to Changde city to have rice noodles, the most frequent question you hear might be “Flat ones or round ones”? Hunan rice noodles fall into the two categories of “flat ones” and “round ones”. Which one do you prefer? Come and have a try! One of the must-haves of native Changshanese is to have a bowl of rice noodles in the morning.


Xiaowen: In some rice noodle restaurants, sometimes you can see some local people with suitcases who have just arrived at Changsha from abroad. The food that they miss most is definitely rice noodles. The first thing they want to do after arriving is to have a bowl of rice noodles, even before putting down their suitcases.

米粉的码子有很多,有木耳肉丝粉、辣椒炒肉粉、红烧排粉、腰肝粉……还有传说中很多粉店里“只见其名,从未尝其味”、内含鲍鱼鱼翅、标价 88 元的神秘佳肴——“八仙过海粉”。一定要来试一试!

“Ma”(Fixings) for the rice noodles are various, including shredded pork with fungus, fried sliced pork with chili, braised pork ribs and fried pig livers. It is said that in some rice noodle restaurants, there is a mysterious rice noodle dish (usually 88 RMB), called “The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea”, with abalone and shark fin in it, which people can only see on menu. Come and find out!

Meat 肉食


红烧肉是毛泽东生前最喜爱的一道菜肴!精选带皮三层五花,放上冰糖、八角、料酒、黄酒、老抽、生抽以及各种秘制调料,在大火中翻炒蒸煮,就成了色泽金黄、肥而不腻、口感 Q 弹的红烧肉。吃上一坨(块),还想再来一坨!

Braised Pork in Brown

Sauce, Mao-Style Braised pork in brown sauce was Mao Zedong’s favorite dish inhis lifetime. Selected three-layer streaky pork was steamed and fried with rock candy, aniseed, cooking wine, yellow rice wine, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and various secret sauces.

Then, it becomes golden, bouncy and juicy pork. You may never have enough of it.


Xiaowen: Then, you will gain more and more weight ...



Hunan Bacon with Fermented Black Bean

This is a traditional Liuyang steamed dish, made of local fresh bacon mixed with fermented black bean and pepper powder. In this way, the bacon is oily but not heavy, turning up your appetite.

Soup 汤品



Sliced Pork Soup with Ginger

This is a dish easy to make and almost every senior knows the method. Thick slices of ginger are topped with slices of fresh meat. After decoction, it would become the dish from your grandma’s recipe, simple, fragrant, delicious and healthy.



Preserved Vegetables and Bean Curd Soup

When fresh bean curd with the best preserved vegetables are boiled, together with some bright green chopped scallions, it serves as the best appetizer in summer and warming-up soup in winter, cheap and delicious.

Snacks and Desserts 小吃甜品



Fried Glutinous Rice Dough with Brown Sugar Oil

Fried glutinous rice dough with brown sugar oil is just as famous as stinky tofu in Changsha. The round dough would turn golden after frying, crispy outside while soft inside. You can smell it even two blocks away!



Fried Glutinous Rice Dough with Scallion

Fried glutinous rice dough with scallion just looks like a giant Chinese bronze coin. When it is covered in oil and topped with some chopped scallion into the frying pan, it sends out a strong fragrance which people can smell miles away.



Lotus Seeds Boiled with Sugar Cube

It is a wonderful dessert for summer. The round fresh lotus seeds float in the light soup, still sending out the attractive fragrance of lotus. This dish could be traced back to Western Han Dynasty, when people sent it to Emperor Liu Bang as a tribute. This is why it is also named as tribute lotus.


Xiaogao: Where can we have these dishes?


Xiaowen: Every city has its own specialties and restaurants. When it comes to Changsha city, it must be Pozi Street and Huogongdian. Speaking of Changde city, we think of Jinshi beef rice noodles, and Yongzhou, Spring Chicken, Dong’an style. Anyway, Hunan is really a place where you can find delicious food everywhere. You can have these dishes basically in every part of Hunan. Walking on some small alleys and turning around at some corners, you can find surprisingly delicious local Hunan cuisine in some small shops.


Xiaopeng: Every dish is wonderful in its own way!