Changsha Airport Reconstruction and Expansion Project to Start Construction 定了!长沙机场将新建T3航站楼、第三跑道

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三湘都市报·新湖南客户端11月23日讯(记者 和婷婷  实习生 彭丛梅 通讯员 唐骞)近日,国家发改委批复长沙机场改扩建工程可行性研究报告,同意实施长沙机场改扩建工程。这标志着湖南省改革开放以来单体投资规模最大的项目建设将步入快车道。




The National Development and Reform Commission recently approved the feasibility study report of the Changsha Airport Reconstruction and Expansion Project and agreed its implementation. This marks that the largest single investment project in Hunan has been in full swing. The Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced that the project will start construction in the near future.

According to the approval, the total investment in the reconstruction and expansion project of Changsha Airport is about 43.02 billion yuan, which is designed to meet the annual passenger throughput of 60 million trips and the cargo and mail throughput of 600,000 tons. A new third runway with a length of 3,600 meters and a width of 45 meters will be built at a position 2000 meters east of the existing second runway. The Class III and Class I precision approach systems will be set up in the main and secondary landing directions of the runway, and the parallel taxiway systems of equal length will be constructed accordingly. There will be a 500,000-square-meter T3 terminal building, a 165-stand parking apron, a 46,000-square-meter integrated transportation center, a 160,000-square-meter parking building, a 19,900-square-meter freight station, and the auxiliary facilities for production and life facility.

After the project is completed and put into operation, the Changsha Huanghua International Airport will have 3 runways and 3 terminals, and its comprehensive support capabilities and service levels will be fully improved. A comprehensive transportation hub integrating high-speed rail, subway, maglev, highway, and other transportation methods will be taking shape.